Sam Tielemans

I love what I do.

As a therapist and a counselor, I’m able to work with people who are suffering and show them the way out.

I also know personally what it’s like to have a hard time.

I’m married and I understand that marriage can have difficult and painful periods. All couples go through struggles and sometimes wonder “Why is this so hard?

That’s why I have a drive to find answers and relieve pain. After years of working with people I have learned what is at the core of human suffering and what makes marriages and other relationships so difficult.

Most importantly, I have discovered what is necessary to transform individually as well as relationships to find fulfillment and sustainable joy.

The reason I’m so excited about what I do is because I’ve found the way out of depression, anxiety, fears, and disconnection in marriage or relationships.

After I learned about and applied the right tools for the right situation, life changed for me.

Marriage Counselor Sam Tielemans

LMFT, Certified EFT, EMDR Trained

Couples Counselor & Relationship Expert

Specializing in Healing Sexual Addiction

I specialize in helping couples repair damaged relationships due to pornography use, infidelity, and other types of sexual acting out.

Often times the level of betrayal, and deception involved around these sexual behaviors out damages not only the trust in the relationship, but affects marital intimacy, as well as the security of the relationship.

The Thing that’s Different about me…

I want you to get the tools and information you need as fast as possible. Many people unsuccessfully try to change for way too long by themselves. I play the role of a guide to show you what I’ve learned and speed up the process for you.

It doesn’t need to take years to get back to feeling good about yourself and to have a great relationship. Once you discover how the process works and then follow through on the necessary steps, you’ll feel hopeful, find confidence, and find that inner strength and assurance.

I also work using an approach called EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), which is geared towards healing the trauma, negative beliefs about themselves, and shame that many of my clients have experienced. As we heal those things, it brings relief, happiness, and joy to their lives.

I have seen many couples struggle with anxiety, fears, and sexual struggles they often keep secret because of fear of judgment and shame. They walk alone in their struggles, often suffering in silence, not realizing they’re not alone. I have witnessed first hand the damage caused by these secrets, the families and relationships that have been destroyed as a result. I see how many of those that struggle inwardly feel like they hate themselves and fear that they’re unlovable, or that they’ll never be accepted by others because of what they’ve done.

I became passionate about helping these couples and individuals find hope, acceptance, forgiveness, restoration, and healing. I enjoy helping people realize they don’t have to struggle alone in shame, and that they can overcome these struggles, and go on to live normal, happy, lives with very loving relationships.