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Discover the Revolutionary Technique to Fight Depression Without the Painful Side Effects of Medication

BREAKING: There is finally a way out of depression. Watch the video below for a live demonstration of how it’s done (the magic happens halfway through…)

There is nothing more exhausting than feeling stuck in depression – wanting to isolate, hard to look at people in the eyes, feeling empty and numb, and low self worth.

Through a breakthrough advancement in technology, you can finally start to feel fulfilled, enjoy life, feel a weight or dark cloud being lifted from you, and be able to move forward with excitement in your life.

There is nothing wrong with you or who you are – for many people who struggle with depression, a main contributing factor is that the brain’s levels are out of balance, which causes the painful symptoms of depression.

Neurofeedback is one of the most powerful ways to train your brain to balance the levels out, which reduces or eliminates the symptoms, all WITHOUT the painful side effects of medication. The effect of medication wears off as soon as the pill is out of the system, whereas the gains made in neurofeedback stick with you and are lasting because the brain functions differently and more optimally.

The video below explains the process (the magic happens halfway through as you see the demonstration…)

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About the Neurofeedback Process


With depression, certain brainwaves are out of balance and underfunction. In the QEEG brain map, we measure your specific brain patterns and then compare the results to thousands of other normal brain patterns to assess the level of dysregulation.

After we get a clear picture of which levels in your brain are either overfunctioning or underfunctioning, the nuerofeedback system provides a protocol for your specific brain patterns to train them back to normal and healthy levels.


The brain loves rewards. So during the training process, if the part of the brain we are targeting is performing properly by creating and reinforcing new neuropathways, the system provides the reward of having the movie or show you are watching play in full resolution with a bright screen (see a demo in video above). If you slip back into old patterns and stop conditioning the parts of the brain we are training, the screen then becomes dim.

The brain is constantly adjusting and working to get the screen to play bright, which activates the parts of the brain we want to train. Over the course of the training, the symptoms of a having low self worth, shame, irritability, desire to isolate, struggles with focus and attention, etc., are reduced or eliminated because the parts of the brain that perform those functions are strengthened and become more balanced out.

How Can Brain Training Bring Relief for Depression?

Depression is self-fulfilling cycle: We feel a heaviness and sadness in our bodies -> that makes it harder for us to focus, reach goals, excel, or want to be around people -> we then beat ourselves up and think there is something wrong with us -> which reinforces the experience of depression -> have an even more difficult time functioning… and around it goes.

The most amazing feature of the brain is it’s ability to change and adapt – so we can leverage that power to train it to function in a healthy way.

As we do, the symptoms we experience as a result of the brain being out of balance (depression, anxiety, lack of focus or concentration, addiction, and shame) are reduced or eliminated when the brain learns how to function in the most optimal and balanced way that it can.

Then we can actually break free from these negative cycles and feel fulfilled and accomplished as we reach our goals, experience a higher sense of self worth, and are able to more fully enjoy life without a dark cloud hanging over us all the time.

What makes neurofeedback so effective?

✅ Naturally brings the mind to a place of balance and proper functioning.
✅ Uses the brain’s natural ability to change itself through positive reinforcement.
✅ Requires no medication and there aren’t any side effects of the process.
✅ Reduces or eliminates painful symptoms as the brain balances itself out.
✅ The changes are lasting because the brain continues to reinforce the new way of being after it is trained.
✅ Gives you an increased ability for control during a temptation to act out.

What are the Results of Neurofeedback

Researchers conducted an experiment with 14 individuals struggling with alcoholism and who were experiencing symptoms of depression.  They then were assigned 20 sessions of neurofeedback. 

Each session lasted approximately 40 minutes.  Depressive symptoms were analyzed pre-treatment with the BDI (Beck Depression Inventory) as well as post-treatment.  The individuals experienced significant reductions in depression as noted by the BDI, as well as a host of other symptoms.

Results were sustained at 21-month follow ups and relapse rates into alcohol were significantly reduced.  Evidence suggests that therapeutic benefit is maintained long after treatment ends.

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